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Dedicated to an old friend whose memory will remain with us forever.


released October 26, 2016



all rights reserved


SHINEBOX Perugia, Italy

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Track Name: No Sirens
And I plan to be already dead
when all your idols fall
when the Earth will explode
and the oceans will flood the cities
it’s a trap, we are already dead,
and the worst thing, about being dead, is that we are not able to
comfort those who

Try to escape another burden but try to steal another love, I want more
we breath this smoke together but you decide for us all
I want more despite your siren's song

May all this pain be useful
Track Name: M Brogan
I’m a second choice
I’m the worst defect
I used to bow my head to obtain respect
I’m a broken leg
I’m a sleeping soul
I used to close my fist to maintain control”

I’ve always bet on the wrong horse
And there’s no need to be honoured
I will take my bag, my clothes and my car keys
(I’ve always bet on the wrong horse
I’ve always bet on my second chance)

I’m awake in the morning light to see your face again
An empty space where I shouldn’t stay
Please pray for me and my old damned fate

This lack of noise is lack of love
This lack of love is lack of life
Track Name: Maybe Not Even A Memory
On the day that you died I slept,
I drove my car on streets,
I don’t remember the names
I didn’t care about the rain, and traces on my skin
But I can’t change
The way I used to love you

Love is a damned crime
A soft way to kill each other

And you will see that I am frail but I’m not weak
And if these walls could talk you could see the best of me
Track Name: A Departure
I’ve got nothing to say
There is nothing to hide anymore
Cause we are finally free
And you had a great taste
May God bless fathers’ eyes
Mother, I am in debt with you

How much for a smile? I used to cry for someone else
How much for a smile? I used to sleep with no regrets

Please tell me a story, a story about
something I don’t know
A resurrection, a sacrifice
Please tell me how do you feel? Read me your favorite lines Embrace the grey, it’s not the end, just a departure

I would like to take my life back because someone else put more into it
and I won't try to deny it
Track Name: It All Came So Close To Never Happening
And so you see me shining in the moonlight
Like an old man smiling in a photograph
On his wedding day, in black and white
While his wife says “everything is perfect, and our kids will
play in the garden…yes, we’ll be fine”

In this fucking tale absent are the saints
nothing really matters when you lost your cares
there is no time to hope, you've chosen to go
we scream too late “you’re wrong”

This is the letter
I wrote to the world
An honest confession
Of what I’ve become
I’m always here in front of you
You’re always there, behind my feet
And you’re dead

(This is my choice, my only choice)